Customer Service

Treat your customers right, and they'll be back!

Have you ever gone to a business to buy something, but found their customer service to be terrible. You like their product, but when you have to deal with their employees, you cringe and eventually decide never to go back.

Now that you have your own business, are you or your employees chasing customers away?

Here is some simple advice to keep your customers coming back again and again.

1.) Your problems are not your customers' problems. You may be sick, tired, upset or just having a bad day. That's your problem, not your customers. Your customer has his/her own life with its own hiccups and doesn't need to be burdened with somebody else's. It's not always easy, but put on a brave face and treat your customer like you're having the best day of your life.

2.) Treat your customers like gold - your business depends on it. Many businesses with great products go bankrupt because they don't know how to interact with customers. When a customer walks through the door, smile and ask them how you can help. Keep a positive attitude at all times and move quickly and efficiently.

3.) Dress for success. People like to deal with businesses that look professional. Business or corporate attire give a good impression that says, "these guys look like they know what they're doing." Keep your corporate attire (overalls etc.) clean and tidy. Comb your hair and keep neatly groomed. Sorry, but tattoos and piercings send the wrong message to many people. Remember before you open your mouth, your appearance speaks volumes for you.

4.) Know your stuff. You may know your products, but do your employees? Make sure that employees have the tools at their disposal to help customers. Nothing frustrates a customer more than an employee who says they don't know the answer to a question and then don't bother to find out. Express to your employees that if they are unsure, they should find someone who can help the customer out.

5.) Train your employees. Knowledgeable employees can make you a lot of money. Employees who don't know what they're doing can cost you your business. Invest some time and money into teaching staff how to deal with customers. Watch your employees interact with customers and correct any unacceptable behaviour at an appropriate time. Remember, employees who deal with the public are the face of your company.

6.) Reward good work. When you have employees that do a good job, make sure you recognize them. Pay good workers appropriately and make your workplace friendly and inviting. When an employee is happy and satisified, their good mood will translate to your customers.

Running a business is tough and often stressfull. Try to have some fun with it. Oftentimes a happy boss translates to happy employees. And happy employees means happy customers!